Summer SmartCamp

Summer SmartCamp

English and Math Advanced Learning

School Students or pupils having group work while geography lesson and the teacher test or educate them in class

The advanced study program prepares students for the upcoming school year by offering courses designed to enhance student retention and proficiency in the core academic areas of Math and English. Math classes concentrate on familiarizing students with the formulas, equations, and problem-solving techniques they will encounter during the upcoming year, and English classes help increase vocabulary, reading and writing skills, and the use of proper grammar.






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LEADUCATION is a transformational experience that every child should partake in at least once before sophomore year of high school.

LEADUCATION addresses the common denominator that even the brightest and most diligent students lack.





Chinese Class

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The Ivy language classes help students expand their cultural horizons by developing their comprehension of a second or third language. Students enjoy daily immersion in the Chinese language, and increase their reading, writing, oral skills and aural aptitude.





PSAT English and Math

The PSAT program allows students to experience the general academic requirements of the SAT without being too committed regarding time and finances. Individual tests are given every week alternating between English and Math, with the teachers covering the test material after each successive test date. This program is a great way for younger students to try SAT-level questions and gauge their prowess when it comes to preparation for the SAT.





Literature Appreciation

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In this workshop, students acquire necessary critical reading skills and the ability to transform their ideas about literature into outstanding book reports. Students also learn valuable oral presentation skills and techniques on how to create their own books.





STEM Class (Grades K – 5)

teacher helping his teen students with diy robot on stem education class

This all encompassing class will prepare students for a future in STEM. Time will be split between engaging science experiments performed and analyzed by students and with working on reading skills. Students will be responsible for weekly book reports where they will have to sharpen their writing and reading comprehension skills. Fridays during this class will be dedicated to working on interpersonal skills through drama activities.





SAT Test Prep

Mini mortar board graduation cap and Test text on multiple choice exam

A great modus operandi for a super SAT score is to prepare in a study group setting. Some of the benefits in this kind of arrangement include: diverse viewpoints and a strong support system. SAT Study Group can be very effective and efficient.






Math Olympiad

Clever boy doing sums on white board and looking at camera. Smiling schoolboy solving addition and subtraction sum in mathematics lesson. Proud young boy standing with math operation solved.

The “Math Olympiad” classes are separated into two levels – Math Olympiad I and II. In these classes, students will receive extensive practice in solving mathematical problems which require deeper analysis. This program focuses on furthering mathematical strengths of students and developing their reasoning, logic, and number skills.

Math Olympiad contests will take place every other week. Champions will receive a trophy.





International Student English Bootcamp

At Ivy, we supplement the education of ESL and international students. We have many international students visit our location within the past 20 years, whether they are in America for just a visit or decide to continue their education stateside. We supplement international students with an education that aides them in both written and spoken English.





High School Honors and AP Courses

High School Students With Teacher In Class Using LaptopsThis program prepares students for the demands of high school honors and advanced placement courses. Students become familiar with the accelerated curriculum and acquire the strategies and time-management skills to excel at the advanced level. Classes include Chemistry H/AP, Biology H/AP, Calculus AB/BC, US History AP, and English Literature and Composition AP.





Java 4 Kids/Minecraft (Grades 3 – 8)

Children at computer terminals with teacher in background (depth of field/high key)Using a Minecraft platform to explore the essentials of the Java programming language. In this program, students will learn standard programming structures, and develop basic software and hardware skills of Java and Minecraft. By the end of this course, students will have further developed their creativity, strategy, problem-solving, and teamwork.





Fun and Games

Happy Asian Kids and their teacher are playing wooden blocks stack game in classroom at the school together. Falling. Laughing.

The summer experience at Ivy doesn’t end in the classroom; we also offer an incredible recreational experience that includes drawing, arts and crafts, indoor activities, and BBQs in the park. With an even balance of academic excellence and outdoor activities, we have an incredible summertime experience in store for you!

  1. Cooking
  2. Games
  3. Ping Pong – Tournaments included
  4. Watercolor/Painting/Drawing/Arts & Crafts
  5. Annual BBQ
  6. Movies/Bowling/Laser Tag