SAT Tutoring Courses

The SAT is a standardized test used by most colleges and universities to help determine if a student is qualified for admittance. College applications consider other elements, like grades, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal statements, but SAT scores also play an integral role in that final decision. 

This is why SAT tutoring and prep is so important. Not only do our SAT tutoring programs focus on the types of questions and concepts that will be covered on the exam, but they also help familiarize the student with what content will be on the exam. 

At IvySmart Education in Torrance, we offer different SAT tutoring programs to help students prepare for the SAT exam or see an increase from their previous score. Right now, we offer three different SAT tutoring courses:  

  • 1500 SAT Club
  • SAT Achievers Club
  • 300 Point Club 

This range of programming allows us to cater to different SAT goals, ranging from students looking to increase their score or students needing a rigorous program to help them get into a competitive school. If you choose to take one of our classes, you will work with an experienced teacher and find different ways to approach challenging questions or sections on the SAT. All of our SAT tutoring programs last for five weeks and include practice SAT exams held on Saturday, so students can see their improvement and experience the environment of a full-length, proctored SAT exam. 

Learn more about our different SAT tutoring programs below and find the one that works best for you or your student’s SAT tutoring needs. Once you’re ready to start, contact IvySmart Education today to reserve your spot! Let our team know if you need more information or have any questions about our SAT tutoring programs. 

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1500 SAT Club

  • Requirements: At least a 3.5 GPA; Real SAT score or Ivy practice test score over 1300.
  • Tuition: $1,990
  • Length: 5 weeks
  • Time: Mon–Fri and a Saturday test.  

The most rigorous of the three courses, the 1500 SAT Club assumes that students are academically exceptional and ready to take their knowledge to the next level. Classes will do intensive studying and thorough review of practice tests, important SAT English concepts, and the toughest math questions that may be found on the test. The class will be taught by experienced SAT teachers who have provided instruction for many years. Students are expected to attend every class, follow all instructions, and do every practice homework question provided; in other words, give 100% effort. 

Teachers will provide all testing information and knowledge pertinent and relevant to the actual test and provide additional practice that will help improve their grades. Additionally, they will monitor students and constantly ensure material comprehension. Failure for students to meet homework completion standards and class requirements will result in discussion with parents to make sure they are on track.

SAT Achievers Club

  • Requirements: real SAT score or Ivy practice test score between 1000 – 1300.
  • Tuition: $1,990
  • Length: 5 weeks 
  • Time: Mon–Fri and a Saturday test  

Though not as rigorous as the 1500 SAT Club, the SAT Achievers Club still requires complete diligence and dedication to witness improvement. Those who want to see a dramatic score will attend all classes, follow instructions, and try to complete all practice homework questions. 

Teachers will teach students tricks that may have not been as obvious, as students in this category will have received moderately high scoring on tests. Similar standards apply in terms of student monitoring and going over pertinent information. Teachers will ensure enough material comprehension to accurately answer more questions on the actual exam. If students meet homework and class standards, they should see an improvement in their score of at least 200 points.

The +300 Point Club

  • Requirements: none
  • Tuition: $1,990
  • Length: 5 weeks
  • Time: Mon–Fri and a Saturday test  

This program is great for people who have just begun to take the SAT or have received practice scores lower than 1000. This beginner course allows students to receive a general idea of how the test works, discuss concepts that will be covered, and go over frequent mistakes that beginners make on the test. Attendance to all classes is mandatory, and students should attempt to complete almost all or all the practice homework questions provided. 

Teachers will provide students with enough instruction that will help them improve by themselves and understand how to study for the SAT. Students will be monitored carefully, but progress still must be seen in both class as well as practice tests. As denoted by the name of the category, if students follow all directions, they should see a noticeable change of at least 300 points to their test scores.

SAT Tutoring at IvySmart Education

Don’t be overwhelmed when it comes to SAT prep. Instead, find an SAT tutoring program that lets students walk into their SAT exam feeling confident and prepared. 

At IvySmart Education, we have a team of trained teachers who are familiar with the different information that can be found on the SAT. Every student learns differently, which is why private SAT tutoring provides a space for that student to find what test-taking strategies work the best for them. Through our SAT tutoring program, students will gain a better understanding of the SAT and learn different strategies for prioritizing time and working on more challenging questions. 

Find one of our SAT tutoring programs that matches you or your student’s SAT goals. Then, contact IvySmart Education to reserve your spot and get starting with SAT tutoring today.