Online courses have become more of a necessity and requirement than a choice. Most schools, elementary through college students, are closed indefinitely, forcing all of those school systems to move towards online platforms and teaching techniques.

So what are the pros and cons of online courses? At IvySmart Education, we’re shifting our tutoring services online so we can still help children succeed with their classes, whether they’re in-person or online. Contact us to get your students enrolled in our online academic enrichment programs. Also be sure to read through today’s blog to learn more about the pros and cons of online learning and how you can best help your at-home students!

Cons of Online Courses

Lack of Motivation

This is probably one of the largest cons of online courses for children. Instead, try coupling online courses with different online tutoring services, like virtual one-on-one tutoring or small class group courses.

Many students are signing into their online school only to be met with photos, powerpoints, or content. Videos are a strong way to keep kids engaged and motivated. That’s why our online tutoring services at IvySmart are done with live cameras and real-time tutors. Through this style, your students can ask questions as they need and get personalized support from a tutor that understands where they are with the course material.

Busy Work

Most teachers didn’t prepare their curriculum and activities for an online environment. Since this shift has been challenging for those teachers — reasonably so — many of them are left just assigning work for students and not many tests. This makes it difficult to test students’ understanding of the material before moving onto a new lesson or concept. This means that students need even more help with learning.

Separation of School and Home

If your children are doing their classes in the same space where they watch TV, play video games, or spend their free time, then it can be hard for them to separate school from home. But if you notice that this is positively impacting your children’s online class experience, consider having them work in a different area of the house to make a bigger distinction. Also encourage them to get outside when they’re done with school for some physical activity and change of scenery.

This environment can also feel isolated for children used to being around their peers day after day. As a parent, you could organize and monitor a virtual hangout with their peers so they can see each other. In addition, find ways to interact together as a family, whether that’s doing a project together or going outside for a walk or some exercise.

Pros of Online Courses

Flexible Schedule

Many parents are also working from home, making it hard to monitor their children’s online classes while they’re supposed to be working. Online classes offer a flexible schedule for parents. If it’s better for your student to wait to watch their videos or complete their work until you’re done working, then you can create a new schedule that works best for you and your family.

Build Responsibility

The separation from their teachers puts more responsibility on each student to complete their schoolwork. This provides a powerful opportunity for students to learn responsibility and self-discipline. Encourage them to plan out their schedule and keep track of what they need to do. For example, have them start a planner or create a daily schedule or to-do list.


Is your student always ahead of their peers? Or do you feel like your student is often left behind when they still need more support? With an online course environment, your students can digest the material at a speed that works for them. This allows your children to spend more time on the material they’re struggling with while they can move quickly through something they already understand. This varies from a traditional classroom setting where the teacher has to work towards a cumulative class understanding.

Online Tutoring Services at IvySmart

Whether your student is adjusting well to online courses or needs additional support and encouragement, couple their coursework with our online tutoring services. Online tutoring is a great way to meet students where they are, either giving them the challenge they’re not getting in school or giving them the boost they need to succeed.

Contact IvySmart Education in Torrance, Redondo, and Palos Verdes today to learn more about our different interactive online academic enrichment opportunities.

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