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The perfect solution while your kids aren’t in school!

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As a parent, it can be hard to understand your children’s schoolwork. But with the help of online classes, you can help your child: 

  • Improve their study skills
  • Focus on learning
  • Excel academically
  • Get the academic support they need 

To get started with online classes from IvySmart, we’re offering free online registration. Just fill out our contact form! The team at IvySmart Education in Torrance, Redondo, and Palos Verdes is here to help. 

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There are different benefits to

enrolling your children in online classes!

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Get Homework Help

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Conveniently Access to Tutors 

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Arrange a Flexible Schedule

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Improve Communication Skills

Get a 7 Day Trial for Our Online Tutoring Classes! 

We know that parents don’t always understand children’s schoolwork or the best way to effectively help with their homework. But that’s where IvySmart comes in! 

Through our online class setting, we are able to hold small class sizes or provide your child the one-on-one tutoring attention they need to be successful with their classwork. All of our online classes are catered specifically to each grade. When your student attends one of our small online classes, they will be in a virtual classroom with other students in the same grade as they are. 

Find the perfect solution to help your children not fall behind with their schoolwork while schools are closed — and learn more about the ways IvySmart Education could help your children! Just fill out our contact form to register today!



Kindergarten is an important time for your child to grow emotionally, mentally, and physically. In fact, this is when your children start to: 

  • Familiarize themselves with letters, numbers, and patterns
  • Understand questions
  • Practice speaking with their peers and teachers
  • Recognize patterns
  • Gain the ability to listen and follow directions
  • Improve their fine motor skills
  • Grasp basic math skills 


While schools are closed, make sure your child is not falling behind on those important developmental milestones and sign them up for online classes or one-on-one tutoring today! 

Elementary School

From when your child first starts elementary school to when they move on to middle school, they grow and change a lot. They gain confidence in themselves and expand their knowledge and study skills. But if your child is not prepared for their next grade — or is falling behind in their current studies — it can be hard for them to catch back up. 

We know that schools are closed right now, and working with your child and their homework at home can be difficult. That’s where IvySmart comes in! Choose from our one-on-one tutoring opportunities or online classes — just fill out our free online registration form to get started! 

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Middle School

When children reach middle school, they’re getting more homework and dealing with material that can be more challenging. For math and science classes, some parents might find it harder to help with their middle schooler’s homework.  

Instead of struggling through their science homework, sign them up for online classes with IvySmart Education. We understand the different milestones your middle schoolers are working towards, and can help provide them with the skills and information they need to succeed. 

Enroll your middle schoolers with IvySmart by filling out our free online registration form on this page! 

High School

By the time children reach high school, it’s important that they have strong study skills and an understanding of the material they’re learning. The team at IvySmart Education can help your high schooler if they: 

  • Struggle with their more challenging coursework 
  • Need help with certain subjects, like math or science 
  • Could improve their study skills or time management
  • Want test prep help for an upcoming test
  • Are preparing for a future college entrance test, like the SAT or PSAT
  • Are not being challenged enough with their schoolwork

If any of these sound like your high schooler, then sign them up for online tutoring today!  At IvySmart Education, we can provide them with one-on-one attention or a small class setting so they can work through their course material,  improve their study skills, or prepare for any upcoming tests or exams.


Online Classes at IvySmart Education

Don’t wait! Get your children enrolled in our online classes available at IvySmart Education in Torrance, Redondo, and Palos Verdes. You can enroll using our free online registration form.  

If you still have questions about our online tutoring services, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

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