If you get a message: “This is an Internal Meeting Only”, “Please sign in with your company account to join”, don’t get flustered, use the sign in you entered when you downloaded the Zoom app, once you entered the correct credentials, you should be taken right into the meeting.

If you attended other Zoom meetings, you may encounter problems logging on to IvySmart classes:

  1. If you have never activated a Zoom account, click “sign up”, provide an email address, then activate the zoom account in the email sent to the email address provided, then click the link again, you should be able to join the meeting.
  2. If you used sign-in methods such as Google/Gmail/Facebook sign-in, make sure you are logged off of the Google/Facebook account and/or Zoom account.

If you are still not able to log onto IvySmart meetings, take a screen-shot of your computer/tablet/smartphone, send it along with some brief descriptions to, you will hear back within 24 hours.