LEADUCATION At Our Tutoring Center

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LEADUCATION is a transformational experience that every child should partake in at least once before sophomore year of high school.

LEADUCATION addresses the common denominator that even the brightest and most diligent students lack.

Our tutoring center has worked with more than 13,200 students from vastly diversified backgrounds. LEADUCATION is an accumulated effort derived from 20 years of research and teaching experience, thus providing the missing link to enhance student creativity, character, and ambition.

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In order to optimize learning results and create the utmost synergy, participants will be given a proprietary evaluation, which will allow students to capitalize from their experience when working with others in discussion and collaboration.

Your child’s future is now. LEADUCATION will benefit a child’s capabilities and fulfillment for years to come. Children will learn not to be just leaders, but to make others better and become embodiments of virtue, success, and admiration.

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education, elementary school, learning and people concept - group of school kids with pens and papers writing in classroom