The shift to quarantining at home and classes moving online has been an adjustment for both parents and students. This change is also putting more pressure on parents to help children with their coursework.

At IvySmart Education in Torrance, Redondo, and Palos Verdes, we’ve shifted our tutoring services online to continue helping our students. But on top of that, we’re here with different online tools to help parents improve their children’s overall educational experience while they’re home.

Learn some ways to keep your children motivated and engaged — sign up for online classes from IvySmart Education today!

Online Tutoring and Classes

Online classes for school-aged children might feel like new territory. But with the shift to online school for students both in California and around the country, there are lots of tools and support systems available to help parents improve their children’s overall education experience.

From online tutoring services to being more involved with their work, there are different things that parents can do to help their children with their online classes. Get some tools to help your student — along with some ways to keep them motivated and to make learning fun!

Be Involved

This is one of the most important things to help your student at home. While teachers are working their hardest to provide the same level of engagement and oversight through a screen, it’s harder for them to know what’s going on with your child as well as what areas they are struggling in. This is where the parents come in.

Since students are doing all facets of their school at home, find ways to be more involved. From developing an understanding of their online class structure to knowing what homework they have and what different courses they’re in, your involvement will help keep your kids on track and put you in a position to offer help and support.

Set Goals

When your student is completing all of their learning at home, it can be hard for them to stay motivated or feel like they’re making progress. So have them set different goals for each day or week. Is there a project they need to work on? Or is there homework (like math) that they often avoid or dread doing? Have them set goals to get those things completed along with a reward for completing those more challenging goals!

Eliminate Any Distractions

As many parents who are working from home might already understand, there are a lot of distractions that can happen when your student is trying to balance school and home in the same place. They might be attending virtual classes on the same computer where they like to play video games. Or they might be sitting in a room with a TV that they shouldn’t be watching.

If these distractions are drawing your children off-task, find ways to eliminate or reduce those distractions. But instead of taking those distractions, like a TV or video game, away from your child, encourage them to remove themselves from their distractions. This process could also be paired with their goals, and once they get through their class or assignment without distractions, they can reward themselves with returning that distraction.

Create a Schedule

Another way to support your students is to create a schedule. Much like they get with in-person school, create a specific time they work on school during the weekday, when they get lunch/breaks, and when they have time to work on their homework. This will give them a sense of structure, even if they’re stuck in the same house all day.

Don’t forget — make sure you schedule some time for them to get outside and be active!

Offer Praise

This shift to online classes is a big change for everyone, so don’t forget to offer constant praise for their successes! If your child is taking the proper initiative to complete their schoolwork, attend their virtual classes, and eliminate their distractions, recognize their hard work!

Stay Ahead

Right now, students are missing out on a semester of in-class learning. And, in addition, summer schools in California will be closed this summer. While that might feel like a relatively short time out of their overall educational career, there is a lot of valuable material that you don’t want your student to fall behind on.

So if you student is falling behind or normally spends the summer completing various enrichment activities, keep them on that same schedule. While in-person opportunities are more challenging, that doesn’t eliminate resources like online tutoring services. At IvySmart, our primary focus is supporting your students. That’s why we’ve shifted our tutoring services online — professional tutoring, interactive academic enrichment, AP cram for all subjects, SAT prep, test prep, and more!

While everyone is taking a different approach to learning and school, still give your student the personalized and individualized support they need to succeed!

Online Tutoring Services at IvySmart Education

Adding another online educational experience to your student’s schedule might feel overwhelming. But there are certain things that parents can do to help their students succeed and feel motivated and encouraged during this change.

At IvySmart Education, our online tutoring services connect your students to our skilled and qualified tutors. Give them a support system that’s personalized to their specific needs to help them continue learning and growing as students!

Learn more about our online tutoring services, and then contact us today to get your student signed up for our online classes today!